Singapore’s Third Largest Bank Upgrades Avantrade Wealth Management System

Wealth Management System

The Upgrade will accommodate new financial products, processes, and new product concepts to meet customer expectations and build a competitive edge.


Jakarta, March 2023 – Indivara Group, one of the largest IT group of companies in Indonesia and South East Asia region which focuses on consulting, software development, and platform businesses announced that one of the world’s top banks, headquartered in Singapore with a global network of 500 branches and offices across 19 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America., has decided to upgrade their Avantrade Wealth Management System to accommodate new financial products, processes and new product concepts and enhance sustainability. The software solution will be deployed across their offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Enhancing the solution will enable The Bank to add new financial product concepts and processes which are needed to compete in the new era of banking and also improve their ability to meet customer expectations of product variants, flexibilities, and shorter transaction time.

Banking industry is highly competitive. This Bank need enhanced visibility over all of their processes, together with the ability to optimize it to keep ahead of the pack and retain their leadership position in the industry. By enhancing their wealth management system, they will have an improved product catalogues, faster customer onboarding process as well as faster transaction time.

When the enhancement is complete, a total of 415 offices across South East Asia will utilize the new enhance Avantrade Wealth Management System. Avantrade flexibility allows the bank to run a single wealth management system across all sites, enabling it to lower its IT costs.

Jusuf  Sjariffudin, President and CEO of Indivara Group, said: “This third largest bank in Singapore has been using our Avantrade Wealth Management System since 2003. The business challenges the bank is facing today are familiar to all multinational, multi-site businesses operating in highly competitive environments. Meeting customer expectations of such as wide product variants, flexibilities, and shorter customer onboarding times is a major challenge with the older version of Avantrade. We are confident that using this newly enhance wealth management system will enable the Bank to drive efficiencies while at the same time becoming even better at meeting expectations and delivering their Moment of Service to customers.”

By upgrading to the new Avantrade wealth management system this Singapore’s third largest bank will enjoy complete and advanced features including Goal Setup, Financial Situation, Risk Profiling, Goal Tracking, Product Recommendation, Approval, and Reporting also a new and intuitive User Interface.

The upgrade implementation project will be overseen by Indivara Group’s subsidiary Firium Solutions which is based in Singapore, which has also, for many years, been a close services partner of the Bank. Firium will have support from PT. Indivara Teknologi Quantum, also one of Indivara Group subsidiaries which specializes in custom software development.