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Joint venture with BIPROGY.Inc formerly known as Nihon Unisys, one of the largest and publicly traded SI in Japan.

Subsidiary of Indivara with primary focus in consulting, software implementation & development. more than 90% of revenue from software and services with more than 70% recurring revenue.

Proven track record in implementing complex, large scale software projects throughout ASEAN

First company to receive CMM certification in Indonesia.


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Incorporated in September 1997, PT. Jati Piranti Solusindo is a major information technology and software consulting firm, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia was established in 2003 in order to answer the challenge of the significant growth of mobile solutions demand in across industries and since 2014 Jatis Mobile become a member of Indivara Group Company.

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Jatis Imagineering Philippines was established in January 2012 to meet huge potential market in Philippines for information technology. JIP become a member of Indivara group of companies after all Jatis Group merged in Indivara.

Established in Singapore back in 1999, Firium Solutions Pte Ltd., is one of the market leaders specialized in Financial Planning & Wealth Management solutions with over two decades of experience and proven track record in the industry.

Founded in 1999, Solutions Exchange Inc. (SXI) is a leading Filipino IT company that provides retail banking solutions in the Philippines. SXI has developed its own suite of banking of applications that caters to the digital banking experience.

Telly Systems Inc. is a Filipino financial technology specialist that develops applications and platforms which enable customers, and merchants to experience seamless transactions. in 2019 Telly System become a member of Indivara Group.


We Have Extensive Experience in Providing The ASEAN Market With The Best Technology Consulting and Services.

As a group of companies, Indivara Sejahtera Mandiri (ISeMA) have served over 1000 corporate clients in the region. Every month, we process over 200 million SMS broadcast that makes Indivara as the leading company in this service. Through our flagship product, Avantrade, we are the leading provider of wealth management application in the financial industry, serving more than 10,000 bank branches in region.

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