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One App Million Commissions

Agenin emerges as a ground-breaking financial application designed to revolutionize traditional banking experiences. Born from the need for accessible and efficient banking services, Agenin empowers users to register as agents, enabling them to conduct a variety of transactions, such as transfer and cash deposits.

Agenin embraces a forward-thinking approach by incorporating a multi-level marketing system. This innovative feature empowers agents not only to conduct transactions but also to invite others to join as downlines, creating a network that generates passive income with every transaction initiated by their downlines.

Agenin stands at the intersection of financial inclusivity and entrepreneurial empowerment, offering a unique blend of user-friendly banking services and a lucrative opportunity for individuals to shape their financial destiny.

Why Multi-Level Marketing?

Diversified Revenue Streams

Sell smart, earn more, and see your income grow with every team sale!

Rapid Business Expansion

Our agents Expand our reach, Save marketing costs and Boost earning potential.

Motivated Salesforce

Be your own sales boss! Refer friends, earn more, and build a winning team!

Cost-Effective Marketing

Skip ads, grow team, boost earnings!

Global Reach

Go global, team up, win big!

Benefit Agenin Apps


The more transactions you conduct, the more you Take Home.

Passive Income

The more you build your network, the more you Earn.

Multi Product Categories

Sell what you love, Find your niche, Earn from every passion!


Gain crystal-clear insights into your Earnings!

Commission Wallet

Get your money Fast and Easy!

Multiple Product Categories

Agents can showcase a diverse range of products, enabling them to offer a wider selection to potential customers. This enables agents to sell a greater variety of products, ultimately allowing them to earn higher commissions only from one platform

Investment Product

Banking Products

e-Ticket Product

Biller Product

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