O2O Warung Platform

What is Bakuul?

Empowering Traditional Mom & Pop Stores In Indonesia

Bakuul is an ecommerce platform which utilizing technology to provide a platform that enable traditional store to connect to their partners online for their day to day operation while allowing to serve their customer by becoming their fulfilment, collection and/ or payment point. Bakuul utilizes a two pronged approach to serve the rural area:

  • Tech-enabling Bakuul to do Online2Offline transactions both to serve their customer and also to do trade with product principals and their distributors.
  • Through agent network to reach out to customer and enticing customer to download our platform for their trade needs.

All-in-One Solution for Indonesian Warung

Support Warungs to engage online and Take Advantages of Mobile Commerce

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Inventory Purchase

  • Simple digital Inventory purchasing system optimized for Warung
  • Access to multiple FMCG suppliers in the platform for best pricing and working capital
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E-Commerce +

  • Expanding product offering so Warung can get additional income by selling digital goods
  • Provide an easy way for Warung to access financing
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Mobile POS System

  • Easy-to-use software to record transactions
  • Sales data recorded to create sales data for provider of working capital financing

Stock Distribution System

  • Inventory purchasing or ordering platform that ensure Warung owners gets lowest prices from suppliers/distributors.
  • Real-time order upload and tracking that streamline the inventory purchase experience for Warungs.

Back End System for Supplier

  • Transparent Financial Operation & Reports.
  • Product & Stock Management.
  • Realtime Upload & Update.
  • Sales-Force Dashboard.
  • Store Sales & Performance Dashboards.
  • Realtime Order Management & Transaction Status Tracking.
  • Sales-force Management (Exclusive Closed Loop  Agents).

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