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We are committed to customers success from start to finish. Our input helps make their solutions stand out from the crowd.

We are best known for making enterprise-level applications that are highly capable to streamline complex business processes and empower digital experiences, providing end-to-end solutions supported by our large ecosystem and multiple platforms that connect many of our gateways seamlessly, from payment, loyalty, commerce-hub, and logistics.


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Advance O2O e-Commerce Platform

PT. Duit Segunung Selalu Makmur (DSSM) is Indivara Group subsidiaries which focus on end-to-end e-commerce solutions to support small businesses such as mom and pop’s store, wholesale, to enterprise level to engage online and take advantages of mobile commerce more effectively. We build our own e-commerce multi-merchant platform and payments solution in order to maximize the advantage of “e” trends it enables the integration of the offline and online market which will be an impact on your business in a positive way.

Aplikasi Bakuul
Seedbox website
New Way For Investing

Seedbox Philippines Provides Digital Investment Platform For The Filipinos

Seedbox Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in January 2016 with the mission of transforming the investing habits of ordinary Filipinos. It’s a proprietary platform, Seedbox Philippines, was live in June 2016 and offers mutual fund from ATR Asset Management, one of the Philippines’ top mutual fund providers.


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Unleash The Power of Data

Cartera Inc. is a JV company between Indivara Group and Ayala Corporation, one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in the Philippines. Cartera Inc. enable every enterprise to have their own e-wallet. Either in embedded or standalone mode, their wallet will be integrate with loyalty exchange.

Easiest Way To Invest

FUNDtastic is Indonesia’s online investment platform which provides a goal-based investing program and formulates tailored investing strategies

Established in 2015, FUNDtastic is a committed effort of PT. Chandharwealth Mandiri Indonesia to serve and enhance people’s lives by delivering equal financial access, simplify investing process and help people to achieve their financial goals. FUNDtastic has become part of Indivara Group since 2020.

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