Loket Pintar Indonesia, Selects Indivara Payment Platform To Serve Customers With Better Transaction Experience

Loket Pintar Indonesia, Selects Indivara Payment Platform To Serve Customers With Better Transaction Experiences.

Payment gateways are hands down one of the most important technologies ever created. These payment solutions are, indeed, essential gateways to a vast array of benefits and convenience that had changed and are continuing to alter the face of finance and business as we know them. Before online payments were enabled, there wasn’t any reliable and secure way to transfer key payment information between payment portals, and purchases and orders took much more time to complete than they do today. This problematic environment was changed by payment gateways for the better.

PT Loket Pintar Indonesia (LOKET)(member of Mayora Group) which focused on electronic payment services business services using Android And EDC-Based Applications by engaging traditional customer base / retail in Mayora’s Distribution Networks currently transformed into TOKO PINTAR, an online store that provide modern product and services, to facilitate Indonesian communities to access electronic payment products and banking transactions with simple online-based technology services.

As part of the vision, they realize they need to have payment gateway solutions to enhance their services to customers and the payment gateway partner should be trustable and reliable. LOKET immediately choose Indivara Payment Platform and not open any vendor pitching because they trust Indivara Platforms and Jatis Solutions, one of Indivara Group subsidiaries which focused on providing IT solutions and have more than 20 years of experiences in Indonesia market as their implementation partner. Indivara Payment Platform can support LOKET beyond their current needs.

The first module that will be implemented is Blue Payment Gateway, this module enable LOKET users to make payment using various channel such as, virtual account, credit, and debit card and any other channel they need. LOKET is expected to go live in two months.

After this project, Jatis Solutions (member of Indivara Group) will engage with Mayora Group and its subsidiaries to serve the enterprise with world-class IT Solutions.