Java Development Trainee (JDT) Program: Building Future IT Professionals

INDIVARA Java Development Trainee

The Java Development Trainee (JDT) Program, initiated by Indivara Group, is an esteemed IT bootcamp that has been running since 2010. This exclusive program offers a unique opportunity for individuals with a passion for Java programming to kickstart their careers in the IT industry. Over the years, the JDT Program has successfully nurtured and developed more than 300 IT programmers, with some achieving leadership positions within Indivara and others venturing into prominent IT consulting and platform companies.

The JDT Program stands out as a comprehensive IT internship, offering participants a unique blend of rigorous training and hands-on experience. As a leading IT consulting company in Southeast Asia, Indivara Group provides an unparalleled opportunity to work on challenging projects for global clients, allowing trainees to sharpen their coding abilities and gain real-world exposure.

Graduates of the JDT Program can expect an array of benefits, including direct employment opportunities at Indivara Group, continuous training and development, and the chance to collaborate with highly talented programmers both locally and internationally. This holistic approach ensures that participants not only master Java programming but also cultivate essential skills for professional growth in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Agustina Ida Ekaswasti Head of HR Indivara Group said, “The JDT Program at Indivara Group offers a unique opportunity for aspiring IT professionals to develop their skills and kickstart their careers. With our industry-leading expertise and global client base, participants will be exposed to challenging projects that will help them grow as Java programmers. Join us and unlock your potential in the exciting world of IT.”

In conclusion, the JDT Program by Indivara Group provides a comprehensive and rewarding IT internship experience. It offers a pathway to professional growth, hands-on project exposure, and the chance to work with talented professionals in the industry. If you have a passion for Java programming and are eager to excel in the field of IT, the JDT Program at Indivara Group is the ideal platform for you to launch your career.