O2O Warung Platform


Warungs Are Embracing Technology Solutions
More Than Ever Before

Digital platforms have proven to be a lifeline for many businesses as consumers move to online shopping en masse. According to research, online selling platforms has helped many sellers who used to operate exclusively offline.  Till a few years ago, mom-and-pop stores or warungs were disorganised and were marked by dim interiors. These stores were managed by semi-literate owners and staff who preferred the traditional concept of handwritten paper billing and book-keeping which were plagued with a lot of drawbacks. These include risk of losing hand-written invoices, difficultly keeping track of such bills, probability of misreading and alteration of such invoices leading to accounting errors, difficulty in reproducing traditional invoices which can fade overtime etc.
app-bakulIndivara O2O Warung platform close the digital gap for thousand of warungs across Indonesia, and lead the charge towards a digital infrastructure that is more comprehensive and accessible. This platform enable warungs to order inventory online, accept online order and biller payment, also connected to third party financial institutions to give easy access of the financing services.