Indivara Sejahtera Mandiri

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Indivara Sejahtera Mandiri (IseMa) established in 2017 as a join venture between Indivara Group and Canal Globe Ltd.  one of Nihon Unisys Ltd. (Japan) subsidiary company.  IseMa is the holding company of Jatis Group and others Indivara Group’s subsidiaries which focus on delivering the best IT consulting and services to the ASEAN market.

As a the holding of one of the biggest and respected IT Consulting companies from Indonesia which have proven track record in implementing complex, large scale software projects throughout ASEAN, IseMa commited in providing and creating value adds as customer’s strategic solution partner through successful implementation of the best practice. Develop high return and  business  portfolio  through  continuous research  and  development  of  advanced  solutions  and  profitable investment for maximum corporate value and sustainable growth.