Jatis Mobile


PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia(Jatis Mobile) was established in 2003 in order to answer the challenge of the significant growth of mobile solutions demand in across industries and since 2014 Jatis Mobile become a member of Indivara Group Company. Our mobile solutions covers various business process which could enable companies to have an easier way to manage their daily operations.

Our business covers various industries, such as financial services, retail distribusions, consumer goods, transportations, automotive, merchant business and telecommunication industries. Jatis Mobile is officially appointed as WhatsApp Business implementation partner in Indonesia, so any corporate can do WA push, WA interactive (rich contents), and Chat Bot on WA to have more interaction with their customers. Besides Whatsapp, Jatis Mobile also provide products and services which could support corporations provide extra comfort to their customers.

Please visit : jatismobile.com for more informations regarding what Jatis Mobile could do to support your business.