PT Dinamika Mitra Sukses Makmur

PT Dinamika Mitra Sukses Makmur ( was established in December 2014 as one of Indivara Group subsidiaries, which focus is to penetrate the most Indonesian untouchable market with our technology, expertise, and network in e-commerce business.

Our vision is to empower people to take the advantage of the future technology for their growth and welfare.

We provide and focus on end-to-end e-commerce solutions to help small to enterprise level merchants in Indonesia to engage online and take advantages of mobile commerce more effectively. We build our own e-commerce multi-merchant platform, payments & messaging solution in order to maximize the advantage of “e” trends. Our e-commerce platform embedded with our unique business model, it enables the integration of the offline and online market which will be an impact on your business in a positive way.

Our solutions eliminate security issues and maximize technology advances which we deliver only by using smartphone devices in order to eliminate mobility and infrastructure issues.