Rapid growth in business usually is consistent with the rapid growth of talent requirements or demands. Human Capital is one of the most significant key success factors in business. We offer Jatis HCMS to help you in end-to-end human capital management, consist of a complete set of functionalities, supporting both Operation HR and Strategic HR. Jatis HCMS is a comprehensive application, yet simple to use, improving the decision-making process, and creating joyful employee experience from a single integrated system.

Jatis HCMS enables you flexibility in setting up your organization’s business process.

Jatis HCMS offers 3 major functionalities:

  • Man Power Planning and Personnel Administration, which helps you create strategic manpower plans and processes for your company by defining your organization’s skill/competency requirements and mapping them to your available resources and integrate it into one single application. Once the requirements are defined and mapped, you can use them from Employee Recruitment, Employee Transfer, and Employee Promotion to Employee Termination process.
  • Competency Management, which enables you to define a career path for your employees based on their performance and competencies. It enables you to manage employee development programs such as training and e-learning.
  • Payroll enables you to simplify and manage all your payroll procedures, process, and components. With automatic tax processing features, generating monthly tax reporting (SPT) is just as simple as one click. Not just that, you could integrate this function with other benefits like Car and Housing Ownership Programs or Employee loans, etc.