Business is like a Battlefield and We are ready to conquer every field this year


Business is Like a Battlefield and We Are Ready to Conquer Every Field This Year!

Bandung,  January, 28, 2019

Indivara Group held the 2019 Annual Kick Off Meeting on January 28 and 29 at Courtyard Hotel, Bandung. The event theme was “Unify Our Business for Higher Achievement”. Almost all of the participants were leaving Jakarta using morning train which already provided by the event committees. This was a new experience especially for the overseas participants since most of the time they were in Indonesia they never using train for transportation.

The event began at 11 AM with an interesting game held by the committees. Indivara Group 2019 kickoff meeting was officially opened by a keynote speech from Indivara Group President and CEO, Jusuf Sjariffudin. In his speech, Jusuf highlight the group 2018 performances, new initiatives and industry trend and movement. “Thanks to all of you, we are in the right path of our growth”, said Mr. Jusuf Sjariffudin. After hearing our CEO speech, we all have lunch and get ready for the next session.

After lunch, the meeting continued with a plan and report presentation from seven entities from our consulting business which consist the meeting break in afternoon praying time and day one session was ended at dinner time. After all of the presentations were finished, the third session began. In this session, all of the participants were split into eight groups. Each of these groups should discussed about what solutions would they brought to customers in the specific industries which were set as a territory to conquer. The specific industries were already set based on Indivara Group solutions characteristic and capabilities. After they discussed they had to present their solutions in front of “king or queen of the territory” and also all of the meeting participants. They have to make sure the “king or queen” would like to buy their solutions. In the end of this session all of the groups had succeed in selling their solutions to each of “territory leaders”.

The event closed by a strong message and direction from our Group CEO “Last year I already said that every big group will doing a digital transformation and now we already seen that and its going faster and faster, we need to consolidate and accelerate our interlocking values execution”, said Mr. Jusuf Sjariffudin.