Applications Platforms

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In the modern business environment, there is a growing emphasis on customer-friendly web or mobile applications and services. Many businesses today wish to provide a greater level of customer services and support to their clientele using web-developed or mobile applications and solutions.

Besides, e-commerce is continuing to grow, evolve and disrupt. In recent years, the e-commerce market has been volatile, fluid and unpredictable. The rise of mobile device usage has disrupted the retail sector by blurring established patterns of purchasing behavior. Retailers, therefore, need to adopt effective and agile new strategies to seize new opportunities.

Facing those situations and looking to the South East Asia region where we are focus on and realizing the uniqueness of this market environment where business owner could not play a full online based, Indivara provides application platforms which aim to embrace the offline and online strategy.

We are best known in making enterprise-level applications that are highly capable to streamline complex business processes and empower digital experiences, providing end-to-end solutions supported by our large ecosystem and multiple platforms that connect many of our gateways seamlessly, from payment, loyalty, commerce-hub and logistics.