FIFGROUP Improve HR Management with Indivara HCMS Platform


FIFGROUP Improve HR Management with Indivara HCMS Platform

FIFGROUP replaced their old HRMS with Indivara HCMS platform. The decision made because they needed a system that would be extensively available and flexible to everyone at FIF.

“We and Jatis(Indivara Group subsidiaries) have a long good relationship, the old systems here was also implemented by them. We choose Indivara HCMS platform because it is customizable, flexible and easy to integrate with other business systems,” said Zuriaty FIFGROUP Head of Recruitment and Talent Management Department

“We needed a system that could absorb all of our need and uniqueness, furthermore, our aim was to convert our HR processes into electronic format and providing supervisors with a well-functioning Human Capital Management tool,” continue Ms. Zuriaty.

Now, the HR Department could be more focus on strategic functions, thanks to the integration and streamlining of existing operasional and administrative HR processes. “Because the flexibility of Indivara HCMS, our HR team could be more creative in managing people,”add Ms. Zuriaty.

Ms. Megia Susilo, FIFGROUP Head of Human Capital Operation and Service Development said, “With this system, almost everything could be measure and quantify, it’s easier for the HR team to make a strategic proposal or decision.”

“Indivara HCMS support us in developing and implementing the right talent management strategy. From mapping, developing and retaining every person which we indicate as talent itself. HCMS support us to customize our treatment to each one of them, following their uniqueness, competencies and capabilities,” said Mr. Setia Budi Tarigan Chief of Human Capital FIFGROUP.

“Because the solution makes administration easier for the human resource department, it frees resources for more value-adding, long-term human resource management,” said Khristianto Herwahyudi, VP Product Indivara Group.

FIFGROUP Human Capital department have been receiving plenty of award in HR management field, they are also become one of the benchmark company in Indonesia when talking about people management.

FIFGROUP is a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk., commenced its business in consumer financing, factoring and leasing segments. Recently, FIFGROUP is supported by more than 150 branch offices, more than 300 Point of Services (PoS) and more than 15 thousand employees